How can you use Google Search Console to reap the maximum benefits?

Google Search Console can be said as a collection of resources and tools designed to help webmasters, website owners, SEO professionals, and web marketers to monitor the performance of websites in the Google search index.


The features of the Search Console include information about search traffic, search appearance, technical status updates, additional educational resources and crawl data. The Google Search Console was previously known to be as Google Webmaster Central, followed by Google webmaster tools until 2015 when the present name is denoted. This tool is a must to have in your SEO kit box because it is just impossible to do without it.


Google Search Console can be termed as a free service that is provided by the all popular Google search engine to manage the search functionality of websites. It is a collection of tools and reports that can assist you in rectifying the errors as well as optimize and strategize the rankings of search engines. Now the question is how can you put this powerful tool into use for improving the SEO?


GSC can be defined as oxygen for SEO. Just as human beings cannot live without oxygen, similarly, websites cannot live without GSC.


5 ways to use GSC for your website

  1. Understand the common keywords used for locating your products and services

It is quite certain that anyone who comes across your website using organic search has used specific search terms to reach there. With the help of Google Search Console, you can come across the common keywords that can drive people to your site.

If you view the traditional Google Search Console, this information can be easily viewed by clicking the search analytics bar located in the middle of the page present in the dashboard. If you scroll down, to view a list of keywords that individuals preferably used to found your website as a number of times your link has been clicked by someone after searching each of the keywords.


  1. Submit a specific sitemap


There is no doubt that Google’s web crawlers can easily get to learn about your website as well as the individual pages on its own, still, you can help Google a bit more by providing them with extra information using a relevant sitemap.

There are several websites that can generate this kind of sitemap automatically for your online website. In case, you fail to come across such a reliable website, manually develop a sitemap and upload the same on your server.

3. Identify the popular pages of your site

Each site has pages that generally perform better than others in the search engines. With the help of this powerful SEO tool, you can get a chance to determine the pages which are helping you to drive the maximum number of visitors to your site.

You can n get information about the popular pages of your site in the very same section where you found the keywords. Viewing and filtering various subsets of data work pretty well in the same manner.

In the search analytics section, you can view the list of pages that individuals have clicked and seen in the descending order on the basis of the popularity. In the old version, the default view reflects the popular pages in accordance with the number of clicks. On the other hand, the new version focuses on impressions and clicks as the other aspects of reviewing popular pages. Again, in terms of position and click-through rate, you can easily come across the best-performing pages.

4. Track the source of your visitors

In case, your site serves a specific part across the globe, it is really essential that you get traffic from the visitors residing within your set geographical region in comparison to any other places. GSC will help you to understand the source of traffic you are receiving. This will enable you to understand that you are reaching the right set of audience.


  1. Make your website mobile friendly

Although it is really a good idea to go for mobile testing on your site yourself, you can even make use of the Google Search Console to find out if your website actually passes the mobile usability standards.

You can select Mobile Usability given in the Search Traffic section located on the left side of the menu. If everything appears to be fine for Google according to their standards for the mobile usability test, a green mark will appear which states that there are no errors detected. On the other hand, if there is something wrong about your site that does not gel well with mobile usability standards, like the font size or the flash message; you will instantly get a text in this section explaining the problems. There are a plethora of other advantages of using Google Search Console and recently, it has become the trending topic among SEO professionals. To get the latest updates about GSC, stay tuned to us!

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